Service runs based on the Garland ISD calendar. You can check the calendar, here.
Student Shuttle Inc.
Student Shuttle, Inc. goal is to simplify your life by providing a safe, reliable transportation service. The policies we have put in place are there to protect your child and foster a comfortable and pleasant service. A detailed list of all rules & regulations will be provided to parents upon confirmation of reservation.

Shuttle Rules

  • We pride ourselves with being on time, children MUST be ready to board the van when it arrives.

  • Student Shuttle, Inc. will terminate its services to any child that it considers disruptive.

  • Student Shuttle, Inc. will also terminate services to any PARENT it considers uncooperative or disruptive.

  • Children MUST wear seat belts at all times, no exceptions.

  • Vehicle must come to a complete stop before boarding or departure.

  • Absolutely no smoking or any type of tobacco products are allowed.

  • Passenger cell phone use is allowed, please turn down the ringer volume.

  • Children must obey the driver at ALL times & the driver may assign seats.

  • Fighting, arguing, or physical contact with other passengers will result in termination of services.

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